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How to eat Solidago altissima deliciously


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How to eat Solidago altissima deliciously

That powerful wild grass, Solidago altissima, can be eaten deliciously.
Here are three delicious ways to eat Solidago altissima.
It's really delicious.
If you read this, your eyes will change when you see Solidago altissima.

【table of contents】
1. About Solidago altissima
2. Efficacy of Solidago altissima
3. Picking Solidago altissima
4. The taste of Solidago altissima
5. Remove the lye of Solidago altissima
6. Think about how to cook Solidago altissima
7. Solidago altissima with White dressed
8. Solidago altissima cake
9. Solidago altissima bread
10. Solidago altissima cake and bread taste
11. Solidago altissima Summary
12. Summary
13. Explained in the video

About Solidago altissima

Do you know Solidago altissima?
I thought that there was no one in Japan who didn't know such a famous wildflower, but my wife seemed to ask, "What's that?", And some people don't. So I'll explain.

Solidago altissima is a plant of the Asteraceae family native to North America.
Around 1897, I came to Japan for ornamental purposes and as a source of honey for bees to take honey.
It became wild and bred all over Japan after World War 2.

It is also tolerant to some herbicides and has too much fertility, so it grows in clusters on roadsides, vacant lots, riverbeds, banks, etc. Produce a view.
In addition, it releases substances that suppress the growth of other plants from the roots and expands its power. (It is called allelopathic action.)

It is treated as a bad guy because it breeds by any means.

For example, in Japan, there is such a title.

・ Ecosystem damage prevention alien species specified by the Ministry of the Environment
・ Worst 100 invasive alien species in Japan
・ Designated as an alien species requiring caution by the Alien Species Act

Also, at one point, it was treated as a bad guy because it was the cause of pollinosis.
In fact, pollen does not fly so far, so it seems that it was not the cause of hay fever.

In the land dug up by the construction work, the native species can be expelled and become the sole place of Solidago altissima. When I look at riverbeds and banks, I sometimes get along with Japanese native species.

Efficacy of Solidago altissima

Although Solidago altissima is treated as a bad guy, it is actually valuable as a medicinal herb.

In North America, Solidago altissima has been used as tea for a long time.
It seems to have sedative and antibacterial effects.
It can be expected to prevent colds and flu, and also prevent kidney stones.

In addition, it was said that the leaves of Solidago altissima were mashed and used as a medicine for wounds, burns, and insect bites.

There is also such an episode.
After the Boston Tea Party (1773), it became impossible to import black tea from England, and instead of black tea, tea blended with grass such as Solidago altissima was called Liberty Tea and was drunk.

Also, if you dry the buds before the flowers bloom, it will become a bath additive and will have a detoxifying effect.

Picking Solidago altissima

This is the Kamogawa River in Kyoto, Japan.

If you look at the riverbed, you will find a lot of wild grass.

Do you see the Solidago altissima growing when you approach it?

This is Solidago altissima.
In autumn, yellow flowers bloom and stand out, but now it's July and it's summer.
This season is difficult to understand because of other wildflowers.

It extends to a height of about 1 meter from the ground, but cut off about 20 cm at the tip.

This is what I have cut.

The taste of Solidago altissima

First, wash it with water.

When you eat only one washed leaf raw, a very strong chrysanthemum scent spreads in your mouth.
The scent of chrysanthemum should be an image of a strong scent of Crowndaisy.
After a while, the lye spread in my mouth, and the lye was too strong to swallow.

To put it simply, after a while after putting it in my mouth, my mouth became full of lye.

If the fiber is rough and you put it in your mouth, it will have a bad texture, but if you chew it, it will become finer, so it is physically easy to swallow, but with this lye, it is not like eating raw.

You have to boil it and remove the lye.

Remove the lye of Solidago altissima

Boil for about 1 minute and leave it in the water for about 1 hour.

I exposed Solidago altissima to water for about an hour, so squeeze the water out.

When you pull it out of the water, the water is dyed in a great color.
I threw away this water, but I think it can be used as a bath additive.

I squeezed the water.
This completes the removal of lye.

When I ate one leaf in this state, the lye became mild and the strong chrysanthemum scent was alive.
I was able to swallow it, but after it was swallowed, the lye spread in my mouth. I did.
I took a sip of tea and poured lye.

Think about how to cook Solidago altissima

I will try to find a way to eat this deliciously.

Actually, I did eat Solidago altissima on this blog eight years ago.
At that time, I cut the lye-free Solidago altissima into small pieces and mixed it with rice to make a rice with Solidago altissima.

Solidago altissima rice

This was a taste that the awesome scent of chrysanthemum exploded in my mouth, and I didn't like it just by eating a bite.

Based on that experience, I will try to make this a white dressing this time.

Solidago altissima with White dressed

【material】 For 2 people
Solidago altissima 10g
Mentsuyu a little
Carrot 20g
Shirataki 20g
Irigoma 1 tablespoon
Cotton tofu 100g
Miso 1 teaspoon

First, cut Solidago altissima to a width of about 1 cm and sprinkle some mentsuyu on it to season it.
Cut the carrots into fine strips.
Shirataki noodles are long, so cut them so that they are short.

Boil the water, boil the carrots and Shirataki noodles, and when the carrots are soft, drain them with a colander.

Put sesame seeds in a mortar and rub lightly, add drained tofu and grind, add a little miso and mix.

Add Solidago altissima, carrots and Shirataki noodles and mix.

Once mixed, it's done. Serve on a plate.

This is the white dressing of Solidago altissima.

This is delicious!

Since the concentration of Solidago altissima is diluted with carrots, Shirataki noodles and tofu, I feel only the same scent as garland chrysanthemum.

Still, when you chew on the fine pieces of Solidago altissima, the scent of chrysanthemums causes a small explosion in your mouth.
It will be a good accent and you can eat it deliciously.

The white dressing of Solidago altissima went well.

But so far, it's still a prelude.

From here is the production.

Here are two amazing ways to eat Solidago altissima more deliciously.

Solidago altissima cake

【material】(18cm pound cake used)
Butter 150g
Sugar 110g
3 eggs
Rice flour or cake flour 150g
Solidago altissima paste 50g
Boiled red beans 100g
Baking powder 5g

First, chop the Solidago altissima into small pieces and grind it in a mortar.
For about 10 minutes, I crushed it like a powerful crush, and finally it became finer.

First, make the Solidago altissima paste like this.

Knead the butter softened at room temperature, add sugar and knead well again.

Add eggs one by one and mix each time.

Add rice flour in two portions and mix.

Add Solidago altissima paste, boiled adzuki beans, baking powder, and mix each time.

Once mixed, the dough is complete.
Pour the dough into a buttered pound cake.

First, bake in an oven at 180 ° C for 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes, open it once and make a notch on the surface.

Bake at 170 ° C for another 25 minutes.

Please stick a skewer to see if it is burnt.

When it cools down, it's done.

Cut it to a suitable size.

The cross section looks like a matcha cake.

Well, the taste of this will be explained later.

Before that, I will make another item, Solidago altissima bread.

Solidago altissima bread

【material】 1 loaf
Strong flour 250g
Sugar 20g
Salt 3g
Butter 20g
Solidago altissima paste 50g
Water 140ml
Dry yeast 3g

Bake in a home bakery.
Put ingredients other than dry yeast in a container.

Put yeast in the yeast container of the main body and bake in the standard course.



It's a beautifully colored cross section.

This was baked in an oven toaster and buttered.

Solidago altissima cake and bread taste

First, eat bread.

When you put it in your mouth, the refreshing scent of grass spreads.
It looks like mugwort, so you can imagine mugwort bread.

Instead of the soft and fluffy scent of mugwort, it has a slightly more refreshing scent.
I think it's not the good or the bad, but the individuality of each.

It is as delicious as yomogi bread.

This is a great brunch at home.

My son, a third-year junior high school student, sprinkled natto, mayonnaise, grated cheese and pepper on this bread, baked it and ate it.
I said it was delicious, but you can't tell the taste of Solidago altissima.

It tastes like cake, what do you think?

it tastes very good! !!

The scent and bitterness similar to mugwort are the best.
I feel that it is more refreshing than mugwort.

I often grate lemon zest into pound cakes to accentuate the taste, but the freshness of Solidago altissima plays the same role as lemon zest.

At first, I ate it 12 hours after baking, but after another day, the taste became mellow and even more delicious.
When I first ate it, I felt a bit bittersweet, or a little bit of lye, but after another day, that bitterness disappeared and it was just delicious.

It's true.

If you think it's a lie, try making it and eating it.

Solidago altissima Summary

In this way, Solidago altissima is a remarkable ingredient.

When made into a paste, it can be used in the same way as mugwort.

And yet, no one thinks it's an ingredient.

I think this is because Solidago altissima has a short history since it came to Japan.

It is said that mugwort has been in Japan since about 800 AD, so various uses are known, but Solidago altissima came to Japan around 1897 as explained at the beginning.

It began to breed throughout Japan after World War II.
There aren't many people who pay attention to wild grass as an ingredient in an era when food is abundant.

People like me who love wildflowers seem to be a minority.


  • Solidago altissima is a plant of the Asteraceae family native to North America.
  • It is treated as a bad guy, such as Japan's 100 worst invasive alien species.
  • It has long been popular as a medicinal herb in North America.
  • I couldn't eat it raw.
  • Even if you boil it and remove the lye, you can't eat it.
  • It's delicious when mixed with white.
  • When mashed into a paste, it is as valuable as mugwort.
  • Solidago altissima bread is delicious.
  • Solidago altissima cake is also insanely delicious

Explained in the video

In the video, I appear, actually eat and cook Solidago altissima, and talk passionately in Japanese.
There are some expressions that can only be done in videos, so please have a look.

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