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I understand why banana ketchup is an excellent seasoning! Verify with omelet rice!


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I understand why banana ketchup is an excellent seasoning!
Verify with omelet rice!

Do you know the seasoning called banana ketchup?
I will explain what banana ketchup is, what it tastes like, how to cook it, and why it is so excellent.

【table of contents】
1. How to get to know Banana Ketchup
2. This is banana ketchup
3. The container is strange
4. Make omelet rice
5. Banana ketchup taste
6. Considering the deliciousness of ketchup
8.Explained in the video

How to get to know Banana Ketchup

I learned about banana ketchup from my 6th grade daughter.

When writing "ketchup" in a recipe, you must write "tomato ketchup" instead of "ketchup".
Because ketchup also has "banana ketchup".

Banana ketchup?
What are you talking about? I thought.

So, when I googled it, it was a hit immediately.

Banake ketchup seems to be the mainstream in the Philippines.
Around World War II, there was a shortage of tomatoes, and instead, bananas were used to make ketchup, which seems to have taken root.

I can understand that in my head, but I'm still not convinced.
Because ketchup is tomato.

If I don't try the real banana ketchup anymore, my intellectual curiosity about food can't be stopped.

I ordered from Amazon immediately

This is banana ketchup

This is banana ketchup.
I bought it on Amazon for 880 yen.


Buy on Amazon

Purchase at Rakuten
Rakuten didn't have the same product, so it's a product link for American banana sauce. It's expensive, so for your reference.

It seems that this is sold for about 100 yen in the Philippines.

First of all, you will be surprised at the color.
Isn't it red! What?

Looking at the raw materials

【raw materials】
Banana, syrup, cornstarch, sugar, salt, paprika, onion / spice, acidulant (tamarind extract), stabilizer (gum arabic) Vitamin A

Certainly bananas are written at the beginning of the ingredients.
The ingredients are listed in the order in which they are used most, so there is no doubt that bananas are the main ingredient.
This is banana ketchup.

What's the taste? is what I think.

As soon as this arrived, I put it on french fries and tasted it a little.

This taste will be explained later.
This time, I will try to make omelet rice, which is a typical dish using ketchup, with banana ketchup.

The container is strange

After using this once, I found that the contents did not come out even if the container was turned upside down.

How do Filipinos use it?

I will transfer it to another container and scoop it with a spoon.

This item has a spoon on the other side of the chopsticks.
I'm going to pick it up with this.

Ah! !!

I can't put a spoon in! !!

I don't get the point, but I thrust the chopsticks and pull them out.

It took about 5 minutes and I managed to transfer it.

I don't understand the meaning of this container.
I think an ordinary bottle is good.

I found that the resin container containing Japanese tomato ketchup is very convenient because the contents come out when you press the container and you can control even a very small amount.

Make omelet rice

【Omelet rice ingredients】
1 tablespoon of roasted oil
1/4 tablespoon of onion
about 30 g of bacon
1 serving of rice
a little salt and pepper
2 tablespoons of banana ketchup

1 teaspoon of roasted oil
1 egg
2 tablespoons of banana ketchup

The ingredients for omelet rice should be as simple as onions and bacon.
The onion was cut into 1 cm square pieces.
The bacon was cut from the beginning, so I will use it as it is.

Heat a frying pan, add oil, fry onions and bacon, and add rice.
I put cold rice in the rice.
When the rice is loosened to some extent, add salt and pepper and mix.

When the rice is loosened, add banana ketchup and mix.

This banana ketchup has a high viscosity and is difficult to mix.
And it sticks to the frying pan.
Ketchup is easy to stick to the frying pan even with tomato ketchup, but banana ketchup is even easier to stick to.

Once mixed, put it in a suitable container.

Wash the frying pan, heat it, spread the oil, then melt and spread the eggs.

Wrap the ketchup rice in an egg and turn it over on a plate.

Add banana ketchup to finish.

Banana ketchup is like a soft jelly.

The omelet rice is completed.

Banana ketchup taste

The taste is a little sweet, but it's usually omelet rice.

Banana ketchup is not known as banana if you eat it without knowing it.
I knew and ate it, but I didn't feel the taste of banana from the omelet rice.
I know this is a banana, so I feel the taste of banana, but if I eat it without knowing it, I just think, "This ketchup is a little sweet, which manufacturer?"

It's just a little sweeter than tomato ketchup.
Tomato ketchup is also sweet, so there is not much difference in sweetness.

Also, the scent does not change much because it uses the same spices as tomato ketchup.

Considering the deliciousness of ketchup

Tomatoes contain a umami ingredient called glutamic acid, which is the umami of tomato ketchup.

Glutamic acid is also a delicious ingredient of kelp stock.
Tomato and kelp stock are common umami ingredients.

I use tomatoes a lot in tomato ketchup, tomato sauce, and Italian food, but the secret to their deliciousness is the glutamic acid contained in tomatoes.

And when I looked it up, I found that bananas also contained glutamic acid.
Therefore, banana ketchup also has the umami of glutamic acid and is delicious.

This is a miracle ingredient.
I thought the person who developed this was amazing.

It's a Nobel Prize-class invention.

No, it may be the Ig Nobel Prize.

However, since the material is banana, it is a little different from tomato ketchup.
However, it's okay to use this in the same way as tomato ketchup to cook.

Next time, I will try to make banana ketchup by hand.


  • Banana ketchup is the mainstream in the Philippines.
  • Banana ketchup is too difficult to take out of the container and I don't understand the meaning.
  • The taste is a little sweeter than tomato ketchup.
  • The secret to the deliciousness of banana ketchup and tomato ketchup is glutamic acid.

In this blog, there are recipes that have been described as ketchup in the past, but they are all about tomato ketchup.
From now on, I will specify what kind of ketchup it is.

Explained in the video

In the video, I actually make and eat omelet rice.
There are some parts that can only be conveyed in the video, such as my facial expression, the part that makes omelet rice, the sound of sizzling in a frying pan, etc., so please have a look.

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