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How to make taco salad: If you use that spice, it will be super delicious!


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How to make taco salad
If you use that spice, it will be super delicious!

Introducing the super delicious taco salad.
The decisive factor is to add the spices described below to the handmade dressing.
It took many years to get this taste.

【table of contents】
1.First, make taco salad dressing
1–1.Taco salad dressing ingredients
1–2.Description of spices and how to get them
1–3.How to make taco salad dressing
2.Introducing something like this (also recommended)
3.Make taco salad
3–1.Ingredients for taco salad
3–2.How to make taco salad
4.Completion of taco salad
6.Explained in the video

First, make taco salad dressing

First of all, I will introduce how to make taco salad dressing.
This is a recipe that took years to arrive.

Taco salad dressing ingredients

【Taco salad dressing ingredients】2-3 servings
Salad oil 50g
Mayonnaise 50g
Grated onion 20g
Tomato ketchup 10g
Sugar 10g
Soy sauce 10g
Vinegar 10g
Jalapeno pepper 5-10 shakes
Chili powder 10 shakes

The ingredients are mostly ordinary seasonings, but only spices are rare.
And that is the decisive factor for the taste.

Description of spices and how to get them

First, this chili powder.
This is not so rare.
They are sold at shops that are full of spices.

And this jalapeno pepper.
This is unusual.

Jalapeno is a Mexican green pepper, spicy, but not so spicy.
The quality of the spiciness is different from that of Japanese chili peppers, and it has a unique jalapeno scent, which gives it a full-fledged Mexican taste.

This is really rare in Japan.
I saw a lot of shops in the neighborhood but didn't sell them.

Although they are rarely sold in physical stores, there is now a convenient online shopping service.
If you look it up on Amazon, you can buy a set of 5 for 960 yen (tax included). (* Price as of December 19, 2021)
Free shipping if you buy 2000 yen or more, but if your order is less than 2000 yen, the shipping fee will be 410 yen (tax included) in the case of Kyoto where I live.
It's not expensive, but if you want to save on shipping, you'll need to buy other items as well.

I don't need 5 in the first place.

…is what I think.

In the case of Rakuten, a set of 5 is free shipping and is sold for 1608 yen (tax included). (* Price as of December 19, 2021)
This is also a set of 5 pieces.

Unlike free shipping, I think it includes shipping.
It's a trivial matter, but I'm curious about how to express the shipping fee.

In addition, although the SB food mail order site sells one piece for 178 yen (tax included), the shipping fee is 770 yen (tax included).
Therefore, it costs 948 yen (tax included) just to buy one.

Therefore, I contacted the customer service center of S & B Foods about the store in Kyoto.

Then, there was a store in Kyoto that sold only one store.

This is the Fresco Shijo store.

I bought one at the Fresco Shijo store for 178 yen (tax included). (* Price as of December 7, 2021)
Sorry for the great local story.

S&B Jalapeno pepper (powder) 12g×5 pieces

Buy on Amazon

Purchase at Rakuten
If you don't sell it nearby, please buy it online.

If you don't have jalapeno peppers, use chili powder instead. Instead of jalapeno pepper, add a lot of chili powder. It doesn't taste like jalapeno, but it tastes good.

Now that the material description is long, let's make a dressing.

How to make taco salad dressing

Basically all you have to do is add all the ingredients and mix.

Jalapeno peppers have been transferred 7 times.
The guideline is 5 to 10 swings, but please increase or decrease as you like.

I sprinkled 10 chili powder.
If you don't have jalapeno peppers, add about 15 shakes of chili powder.


Once mixed, place in a suitable dressing container.

This is a container with honey
I always use the honey container because it is easy to pour the dressing.

So leave it in the fridge for at least 3 hours, preferably 1-3 days.
This is important.

If you mix the dressing and eat it immediately, the onion will have a bitter taste, and the spice scent has not yet exuded, so it is bitter and messed up without any scent.

So leave it in the fridge for at least 3 hours, preferably a day.
Then, the aroma and spiciness will come out, and the onion will somehow transform into a cheese-like flavor and become delicious.

After letting it rest for about 3 days, the taste will settle down and become the most delicious.
So if you can, let it rest for 3 days.

Introducing something like this (also recommended)

Here, I would like to introduce this dressing.

This is a taco salad dressing from a company called SSK Foods.
This dressing is delicious, so I wanted to make it by hand.

I always think that dressings are definitely better handmade than ready-made ones.
However, this dressing was very delicious, and I couldn't get a better taste than this by hand.
After many years, I finally got to do this recipe.

If you have trouble making taco salad dressing, please use this dressing.

This is also not sold very much.
In Kyoto, it is sold to a supermarket called Yaoichi.

SSK TACO SALADドレッシング 200ml


At Rakuten, it was only 490 ml for business use.

If you don't sell it in your neighborhood but want to buy it, please buy it online.

Make taco salad

Let's finally make taco salad.

Ingredients for taco salad

【Ingredients for taco salad】2-3 servings
About 3 lettuce
About 100g of minced minced meat
A little salt and pepper
1/2 tomato
1/2 avocado
Grated cheese a little
A little tortilla chips
Taco salad dressing appropriate amount

How to make taco salad

Season the minced minced meat with salt and pepper and fry.
Wash the lettuce and tear it into bite-sized pieces.
Cut the tomatoes into cubes.
Avocados are cut, twisted to remove seeds, peeled and diced appropriately.

Lettuce, stir-fried minced meat, tomatoes, avocado, grated cheese on a plate

Crush and sprinkle tortilla chips.
This is the tortilla chips I bought at FamilyMart.

Finally, add taco salad dressing to complete.

Completion of taco salad

Is delicious.

Spice is the decisive factor in dressing.
As a salad, the crispy texture of tortilla chips, the softness of tomatoes and avocado, the crispness of lettuce, and the chewy texture of ground meat are mixed in the mouth, and the aroma and spiciness of spices are mixed there. The mouth is busy and delicious.
This deliciousness is the deliciousness that you want to lick up to the plate.

It also contains minced meat, so I think it has an excellent nutritional balance.

It's neither Japanese nor Western food, so it's a taste you don't usually eat, so you can break the rut of the table with this.
Especially recommended for those who are looking for a new taste.


  • The decisive factor is to add chili powder and jalapeno pepper to the dressing.
  • It is important to let the ingredients sit for at least 1 to 3 days after mixing them.
  • SSK Foods taco salad dressing is also recommended.
  • Taco salad is delicious and you want to lick it up to the plate.
  • Especially recommended for those who are looking for a new taste.

Explained in the video

In the video, man Nakamura demonstrates, eats, and talks passionately.
There are some things that can only be told in the video, so please have a look.

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