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How to make cream cheese You can make it at home with 3 ingredients. You can also make very low-fat cream cheese depending on the composition.


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How to make cream cheese You can make it at home with 3 ingredients. You can also make very low-fat cream cheese depending on the composition.

Cream cheese can be easily made at any home without the need for special tools or ingredients.
Many people are interested in making cheese, but there is a prejudice that it is difficult to make cheese, and few people actually try it.
However, making cream cheese is not difficult.

I would like you to read this and work hard to make cream cheese at home.

The best thing about handmade is that you can eat freshly made cream cheese.
This is big.
You can also adjust the milk fat content according to your taste to make a light cream cheese with less fat content.

【table of contents】
1. Cream cheese ingredients
2. Procedure for making cream cheese
3. How to make cream cheese
3−1. I left it for a day
3−2. One day has passed since draining
4. Completion of cream cheese
5. If you want to keep the fat content of cream cheese modest
5−1. Ingredients for light cream cheese with low fat content
5−2. Very low fat cream cheese ingredients
6. Make a rare cheese cake
6−1. Make a tart stand
6−2. Make a filling
6−3. Make super easy blueberry sauce
7. Completion of rare cheese cake
8. Make cup tiramisu with homemade cream cheese
8−1. Ingredients for cup tiramisu
8−2. Bake a sponge
8−3. Make cheese cream
8−4. Make coffee syrup
8−5. Finish
9. Completion of cup tiramisu
10. Explained in the video

Cream cheese ingredients

【Cream cheese ingredients】
Milk 400 ml
Cream (47%) 400 ml
Plain yogurt 1 tablespoon

With this amount, about 500g of cream cheese with about 40% fat is completed.
If you think that 500g is a lot, you can make it in half.

40% fat is the fat content of standard cream cheese.

On other sites in Japan, I see a few statements that mascarpone has 80% fat, but if it has 80% fat, it's already butter.
I think something is wrong.

Milk can be normal milk.
Of course, low-fat milk is not good.
Pasteurized milk is even better.

Use additive-free cream.
I use 47%, but if you want to reduce fat content, you can use 35%.
If you reduce the amount of fresh cream and increase the proportion of milk, you can make something with less fat.
The details of the mixing ratio will be described later.

Yogurt can be any plain yogurt.
I use 100% raw milk, but any plain yogurt is fine even if it is not 100% raw milk.

There are only three materials.

Procedure for making cream cheese

【Procedure for making cream cheese】
① Mix the ingredients and ferment to make yogurt
② Drain the yogurt
③ Complete!

The procedure for making yogurt is to first mix the ingredients and ferment them to make yogurt.

Next, drain the yogurt to complete the cream cheese.

That's it.

It takes a few days at the shortest to complete, but it actually takes about 10 minutes.

Let's make it.

How to make cream cheese

Put milk, cream and yogurt in a container and mix.

Cover and set aside.

If you have a yogurt maker, use it to make yogurt.
If you keep it warm at 40 ° C, it will probably become yogurt overnight.

You don't have to have a yogurt maker.
There is no yogurt maker in my house.
In summer, if you leave it at room temperature, it's like keeping it warm at 30 ° C, so it will become yogurt after a full day.
In spring or autumn, leave it at room temperature for 2 to 3 days and it will become yogurt.
If you leave it in a heated room even in winter, it will take more than 5 days, but it will be yogurt.
It's an extreme story, but if you leave it in the refrigerator for a week or two, it will become yogurt.

In short, if you make it in a clean container, it will surely become yogurt over time, so the correct answer is to leave it until it hardens.

If you don't have a yogurt maker but want to complete yogurt quickly, you can warm it in a water bath at about 40 ° C.

You can also heat it to about 40 ° C in the microwave and wrap it in a cloth.

I left it for a day

It was left at room temperature for a whole day in Kyoto, Japan in August.
It's like keeping warm at 30 ℃ for 24 hours.

Even if you tilt it like this, the shape does not change.
It's solidified.

It was August in the summer, so if I left it for a day, it became yogurt like this.

So, drain the water from this.

Put the colander on the bowl, cover it with a cloth, and add the yogurt.
If you don't have a cloth, you can use kitchen paper.

Even if you pick up the cloth and lift it, the water will not drop immediately, but just cover it with plastic wrap and leave it in the refrigerator.

One day has passed since draining

I left it in the refrigerator for a day.

Turn the wrap. When you give a colander, the water drops down like this.

This water is called whey.
Whey can also be used for cooking, so don't throw it away.

Turn over the cloth and taste the cream cheese inside.

Oh, it's fresh cream cheese.
Cream cheese actually contains salt, but it doesn't contain salt.
I don't have enough salt, but you can add salt later if you like.

Completion of cream cheese

The cream cheese is complete.

Put cream cheese on crackers and sprinkle with blueberry sauce.

How to make this blueberry sauce will be described later, but it is a sauce that can be handmade very easily.

I'll enjoy having this.


Cream cheese was light, mellow, melted in the mouth and disappeared.
It was so light that I didn't know if I ate it or not, but I felt happy.

This cheese feels like mascarpone.
And the freshness is outstanding.
Cheese specialty stores don't sell so much fresh cheese.

If you want to keep the fat content of cream cheese modest

As mentioned at the beginning, if you make it by hand, you can make the fat content modestly.
In that case, you can make it in the amount explained below.

Ingredients for light cream cheese with low fat content

【Ingredients for light cream cheese with low fat content】
Milk 600 ml
Cream 47% 200 ml
Plain yogurt 1 tablespoon

With this amount, about 500g of cream cheese with about 23% fat is completed.
23% is about half the fat of standard cream cheese.

Very low fat cream cheese ingredients

【Very low fat cream cheese ingredients】
Milk 800ml
Plain yogurt 1 tablespoon

No whipped cream is used in this formulation.
With this amount, about 400g of cream cheese with about 6% fat is completed.
6% is about 85% cut of the fat content of standard cream cheese.

It's more correct to call it drained yogurt than cream cheese, but it can be used as a substitute for cream cheese.

Make a rare cheese cake

Now that I have made delicious cream cheese, I will try to make a rare cheese cake using it.

For rare cheese cakes, first make a tart stand, then make a filling (contents), and make a blueberry sauce.

Make a tart stand

【Tart dough material】
Butter 100g
Cake flour 200g
Sugar 20g
One beaten egg

Knead the butter softened at room temperature, add sugar and mix.
Add the beaten egg in 3 portions and mix each time.

Add the cake flour.
At first, mix by cutting, and when mixed, mix by pressing down.
Finally knead.
You can knead it by hand, but I didn't want my hands to get dirty, so I kneaded it to the end with a rubber spatula.

Roll it into a circle, wrap it in a wrap, and let it sit in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, unfold the wrap and place it on the table, then cover it with the wrap.
It's easier to handle if you sandwich it with a wrap and stretch the dough with a rolling pin.

Remove one of the wraps.
Put the wrap on the tart type with the wrap on one side.
I do this because it is easier to handle with a wrap.
Press down so that there is no gap between the dough and the mold.

Peel off the wrap, cut off the overhanging dough, and use a fork to make a hole in the whole.

Bake in the oven at 170 ° C for 20 minutes.


And after this, an accident occurs.

The tart stand is a so-called biscuit.
If you give it too strong impact, it will crack.
You all know that without explaining it.

That's why I was careful, but I accidentally dropped something on the tart stand.

It looks like this.

I was a little shocked, and I thought I'd make it even more crumble.

However, it stopped.

In fact, it's okay to pour the filling into the tart while it's cracked.
The filling will harden and stick the broken biscuits together.
It's not a product, but this cake is for home consumption, so this is fine.
I will continue to make it as it is.

Make a filling

【Filling material】
Cream cheese 200g
Cream 200ml
Sugar 70g
Powdered gelatin 5g
Water 30ml

First, pour water into gelatin and let it soak.
Next, knead the cream cheese, add sugar and mix.
Add the cream in two portions and mix.

Heat the fluffy gelatin a little in the microwave to dissolve it, add it, and mix.

Prepare the tart mold.

Pour the filling here and level the surface.
Cool this in the refrigerator and harden it.

Make super easy blueberry sauce

Make a super easy blueberry sauce.
Blueberries go well with cream cheese.
This is a convenience store where you can get the ingredients and it's super easy to make, so it's worth learning how to make it.

【Super easy blueberry sauce ingredients】
Frozen blueberries 1p (130g)
Sugar 30g

Put the frozen blueberries in a glass bowl, add sugar and leave for a while.
This time, I left it for about 30 minutes, but if you don't have time, you can move on to the next step.

Warm in a 600w microwave for about one and a half minutes.
The heating time is a guide.
The heating time varies depending on the temperature of the blueberries, so if the blueberries are frozen, it will take a little more time.
Warm until the surroundings become fluffy.

Mix lightly and heat for another 40 seconds until the surroundings become fluffy.

This is completed.

Put it in a suitable jar and let it cool.

This completes a fine blueberry sauce.

Completion of rare cheese cake

The rare cheese cake has solidified properly.

You don't know where it broke.

I will carve it.

Sprinkle with blueberry sauce.

Is delicious.
Cream cheese and blueberries go really well together.

Whenever I make a rare cheese cake, I grate the lemon zest and add lemon juice, but this time I didn't add it because I wanted to enjoy the taste of the cheese itself.

However, it's still better to add lemon.

The lemon flavor tightens the milk fat taste of cream cheese, so it is better to add it.
This time, I didn't add lemon, so blueberries take on the role of tightening the taste instead, but blueberries are more compatible with cream cheese than tightening the taste.

This cheese is like mascarpone, so I think it's delicious if you make tiramisu.

Make cup tiramisu with homemade cream cheese

That's why I make tiramisu.
I understand that tiramisu is a sweet that takes time and effort.
About 30 years ago, I made it with a simple recipe by Katsuyo Kobayashi.
I remembered that simple image, so I was thinking of making cup tiramisu easily using homemade cream cheese, but it was ridiculous.

Ingredients for cup tiramisu

【Sponge fabric】
Cake flour 90g
3 eggs
Sugar 70g
Canola oil 15g

【Cheese cream】
3 egg yolks
Sugar 60g
Water 25ml
Cream cheese 250g
Cream 100g
3 egg whites
Sugar 50g
Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
Lamb liquor 1 tablespoon

【Coffee syrup】
Espresso 90ml
Sugar 70g

cocoa powder

Bake a sponge

sponge cake
First, bake the sponge the day before.
The hurdles will rise a little when you bake the sponge.

Add sugar to 3 eggs in 3 portions and whisk, add sifted cake flour in 3 portions and mix, add rapeseed oil, mix, pour into a mold and bake in an oven at 170 ° C for 40 minutes.
If you want to know more about how to bake a sponge, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once you get used to it, you can easily make it.

Make cheese cream

Whisk egg yolk
Whisk egg yolk, sugar and water in a water bath.

Knead the cream cheese
Knead the cream cheese.

Add egg yolk and mix
Add the whipped egg yolk to the kneaded cream cheese in two portions and mix.

Add fresh cream and mix
Add the whipped cream and mix.

Make meringue
Add sugar to the egg whites in 3 portions to make meringue.

Add meringue and mix
Add the meringue in two portions and mix.

Completion of cheese cream
Add lemon juice and rum and mix to complete the cheese cream.

Make coffee syrup

coffee syrup
Add sugar to the espresso and dissolve.
The darker the espresso, the better.

Since we don't have an espresso machine in our house, we slowly extracted 90ml of strong coffee with 30g of coffee beans using paper drip.


Cut the sponge into dice
Cut the sponge into dice.

Finish the cup tiramisu
Spread the cut sponge in a cup.
Soak the sponge with coffee syrup.
Add cheese cream.
Sprinkle cocoa powder with a tea strainer.
Cool it in the refrigerator overnight to complete.

Completion of cup tiramisu

cup tiramisu
This is Cup Tiramisu.

It's fashionable to put it in a bottle instead of a cup.
There was only one bottle that was perfect for this in my house, so I made only one bottle and shared it with my friends, and it seems that the couple got together.

Besides, if it was a jar containing salmon flakes, I could give it another one, but it doesn't give off an atmosphere.

It's light and delicious.
After all, this will show outstanding taste when made into tiramisu.
It takes time and effort to make, so from now on, I will try to make it with a recipe that is a little easier to arrange.
Even with a simple recipe, the cheese used as the ingredient is delicious, so you should be able to make it delicious.

Explained in the video

In the video, I appear and eat and speak in Japanese.
There are some things that can only be expressed in videos, so please have a look.

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